Find the secret passage to the heart of your customer

The way to permanent loyalty and growth is through the heart of your client. Only when you have an insight into his deepest wishes and desires and can offer what he’s asking for before he really has to ask for it, you’ll reach your destination. What kind of means of navigation you need for that, you’ll read in this blogpost.

What is the difference between the navigation system in your car and a human navigator? This might sound like the start of some cheesy riddle that’s got nothing to do with marketing. But the answers shows us the exact thing with wich many organisation struggle while growing using automation and big data. A navigation system brings you where you need to be using a preexisting route in a map, a human can discover new ways based on subtle clues that they find on the way. 

If you want to find your own path to growth and profit, it’s not the best move to only rely on big data and automation. Just like the navigation system in your car the software that processes big data only shows you what it already knows. It brings data together that your customers are actively sending out. By visiting your webshops and looking at products, by buying products in your physical store, by opening your newsletter and clicking on a link, by watching a video on your Facebookpage. Or by not doing any of these things.

But do you actually know why customers do what they do? And what about the wishes and desires they don’t actively show? The unfullfilled desires of which they customers them selfs aren’t even aware? Can you captures those in big data and software?

Find out where your customer wants to go

Yes, that’s possible. Because even when people don’t realise they have certain desires, they still show us subtle little clues that can show us what they want, small data. On the way to your destination you’ll have to look for thrown out candywrappers, stomped down grass and broken twigs to find out where your customer wants to go. Instead of following the worn out roads that your navigation system shows you as the fastest route to your customers heart.

To do this you’ll need characteristics that a computer or softwarepackage doesn’t offer you. Characteristics like the ability to associate and creativity. So you can link the subtle clues, that on first glance look like they don’t have any significance, together and by doing that can come to new insights on why your customers do or don’t do certain things. And learn about what they really want instead of what their enviroment tells them to want. What they’re really looking for and how you can give them that.

Find new ways to the heart of your customer

That is why a human navigator is indispensable. Or even better, an organisation that consists fully out of people that are creative and have the ability to associate. People that go toward interaction with your customers, they pick up small data during these moments of interaction and can connect this to the right conclusions and actions. And next to that people that have the numerical and technical insight that is needed to use big data, software and computers to find the new ways to your customers heart.

It’s quite difficult to find all these characteristics in one person, let alone to build an entire organisation full of these people. But if you use smart ways to build teams in which these characteristics are shared between the different people in that team, there won’t be anything holding you back. That you can start mapping out your route to growth and profit and use your navigation system to your own insights and conditions to find the way to your customers heart. 

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Cees Franke | CEO Mi8 Marketing

Inspired by 'Small Data' of Martin Lindstrom [ @MartinLindstrom ]



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