Grip on customerdata with Mi8 datadriven marketing automation

The Mi8 Marketing Cloud solves four problems at once. In a blogseries of four episodes we’ll dive deeper into each one of these problems. In this first episode datachaos: why is it a problem that your customerdata is spread out over several different systems. And what you can do to prevent this. 

Imagine for a second that you’ve been a customer for years at an organisation, and you’ve got a problem. You call the customerservice and get to hear that the person on the other side of the phone can’t find your data in their system. It takes way longer than needed to fix the problem. And after a few weeks you get a call from that organisation with a great offer if you become a customer. You probably won’t feel very appreciated as a customer. 

Now turn this scene around and imagine that you’re not a customer yet, but want to compare this offer with that of a competator of the organisation. How would you feel if that same salesperson would call you on exactly the right moment with that great introduction offer? And, a few weeks later, you’ve got a problem and call the customerservice and they have got all your information and data at the ready and can help you fix your problem in no time. 

Datadriven marketing automation makes the difference.
For your customer the biggest difference between an organisation where all the different departments have their own systems for collecting customerdata and an organisation that has all their customerdata together in one system, which is always accesible for their employees. 

The more different databases you have, the more complicated the exchange of customerdata gets between departments. Which then leads to employees communicating with customers using partial or wrong customerdata. Even more painfull when on your website you state that the customer is number one in your organisation. 

Make your customer number one
Only when you get all your customerdata in one central place, can you reach your customer. That might sound complicated and timeconsuming. Not to mention the enourmus budget that comes together with this project. By now you might start seeing endlessly long IT-projects, in which al your customerdata has to be migrated into a closed software-enviroment which will make your current systems useless in a matter of seconds. Expensive trainingproject in which your employees have to learn a new technology. 

Ho. Stop Why would you replace your current systems when you can also easily couple them? The Mi8 Marketing Cloud offers you this feature. Mi8 is an open software-enviroment that seamlessly fits into your current IT landscape and will collect all the data from your systems in unique customersprofiles who are accesible to your employees. This way for example your employees on the sales departement can gain insight in the customerintrest, transactionpatterns, communicationprefrences, contacthistory and more from individuele leads, prospects and customers. Which also goes up for the marketing and finance departments. Throughout your entire organisation. 

Work more efficient and effective thanks to Mi8
With you’re newfound datadriven insights you’re organisation can play in real time on customers needs fast, flexible and focused. Marketing can pass highly qualified leads on to the sales department, who can instantly acces the right information to make the lead a good personal offer. 

Customerservice won’t have to search for customerdata and knows exactly what deals the customer has made and if there is a problem that needs fixing. This saves a lot of time and energy, otherwise used to comfort upset customers. And the customer? They will feel seen, heard and understood. 

This all is possible without exposing your organisation to the time and energy consuming implentation- and trainingprojects. The Mi8 Marketing Cloud knows a short implentationtime so you yourself can start working with it. Your employees will be able to work with Mi8 after just four hours. Next week you’ll read how Mi8 can give you a lot of time back, which you now are losing on target group segmentation and data analysis.

Cees Franke | CEO zMerce

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The Mi8 Marketing Cloud platform makes it possible for marketers to listen to their customers needs and enables real one-to-one marketing communication.

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