Invest in marketing IT projects no longer needed

The Mi8 Marketing Cloud solves four problems at once. In a blogseries of four episodes we’ll dive deeper into each one of these problems. Today episode 3: how Mi8 makes investing in expensive custom software for personalised marketingcampaigns unnecessary. Want to feel the power of custom marketing for your self? Ask for a personal demo right after you finish reading this.


Marketing is becoming more and more tailored work. Customers are less sensitive for massmarketing, and hyperpersonalisation of marketingcampaigns is getting bigger. Your customers also want to be approached as personal as possible. They want an offer that fits like a glove. They want that offer on the right moment. And they want to communicate with you via their channels and on a time that’s convenient for them, not via your channel and on the time is the best for you.

Succesfull, scalable and personal marketing with customerdata.
This seems like a big wishlist. And wouldn’t you want to tick of all these boxes, but the developments are going so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up. Only a few years ago you had to have a CRM-package made custom. Even the e-mailsoftware in your organisation had to be custom made. Because just like your customers, your organisation is not standard and standard software doesn’t work for you. Your marketingsoftware has to be custom. The whole route, from idea via design to implementation, has cost you a lot of money and time. The investment only starts to pay of just now. But now you start noticing that your expensive custom software is getting old. And it’s getting old fast.

What now? Order new custom software that fits seamlessly into the marketingneeds of today? That also satisfies your specifiek demands regarding marketingsoftware and the specifiek needs that your customers have about marketing? You don’t need to. The Mi8 Marketing Cloud offers you everything you need for succesfull, scalable and personal marketing. Investing in expensive custom software is not necessary anymore. Now and in the future. Mi8 wil fit seamlessly in you current IT-landscape and will give you a powerfull update. Mi8 is totally adaptable to your wishes and needs and can also be simply adjusted when these wishes and needs change. Mi8 uses the data in your current systems, so you won’t have to migrate the data and your employees won’t have to learn a new software skill.

Affordable custom datadriven marketing automation.
The Mi8 Marketing Cloud doesn’t only fit in the current customer needs, but also in the customer needs of the future. Mi8 collects customer data in unique customer profiles and dynamic groups that are being updated in real time. Entirely automic the systems connects the right marketingactions to individual customers. On the right moment. And via the right channels. You yourself will always be up to date on your customer needs, and you can play in to those. This way, thanks to the datadriven insights the Mi8 gives you, you can use the power of hyperpersonalisation to give your customers the feeling you made a marketingcampaign just for them. And you’ll see this in the results of your campaigns. 

This all is possible without big investments in time or money. Your employees can learn to use the Mi8 in about four hours and the financial investment is minimal. You’ll start the notice in about three months that your investment is starting to pay out. Interested in what the Mi8 can do for you? Ask for the personal demo straight away! 

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Next week you’ll find the fourth and last episode of this blogseries right here. After that we’ll start with another theme around datadriven marketing automation.

Cees Franke | CEO

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Organizations want to increase their marketing effectiveness through 1:1 marketing. Their data however, is buried in multiple off and online silo’s and they cant find a time and cost affordable method of generating actionable data.

MI8 Marketing has an easy to implement, affordable way of combining, analyzing and enhancing multiple online and offline datasets to drive 1:1 marketing.

The MI8 Marketing Cloud is designed for the future and is prepared for the European Regulation General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. 

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