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The last few years we’ve seen a few storechains that were to late in recognising the importance of online shopping. A similair movement is emerging in the online retailerbranche. More and more Dutch consumers are less supspicious regarding foreign webshops. The coming few years cross-border spendings will rise. About time to set a futureproof route for your online business, before even your customers start crossing that border. In this blogpost you’ll discover the unmissable ingredient that can give you the edge you need. 

It may not seem much, that 640 milion euro Dutch consumers spend in Chinese, German and British webshops in 2016. The combined Dutch webshops are still making billions every year. But 640 milion is already 25% more than the amount Dutch consumers spend across the border in 2015. What will happen with your revenue when this trends continues the coming five years?

Maybe you think that everything won’t change that much. That fast and reliable delivery is more important to your customers. But then you’re probably wrong. People don’t mind waiting a little longer if that means they get the same product much cheaper, if it’s exclusively made for them or in a limited amount available. It doesn’t matter to your customers if the product is order by your company or across the border. Because foreign webshops mostly deliver the same quality as the Dutch webshops. Fast and reliable delivery are definitely a plus, but only as a part of the entire customerexperience.

Embrache showrooming, and give it your own style.

Fortunately there is something foreign webshops can’t give the customers that you can. A real omnichannel approach, in wich is included a physical store or showroom where customers can feel, try, fit on, smell and test your product. For foreign webshops most of the time it’s to expensive to open locations in countries where there customers are. And for most of the customers it’s not an option to cross the border to go shop. They rely on pictures, videos and productdescriptions.

Or they choose showrooming, in wich they start orientation on products in Dutch shops and order them online in foreign webshops. Why wouldn’t you give them the option to go to your showroom and from there take them into your webshop?

This can only be achieved when the experience in your physical location is seemless with the experience in your webshop and other channels. Make your showroom/store as online as possible. A first step in this process could be to label all your products with QR codes that customers can scan with their phones to learn more about the product. Another option could be a tracking-app that reminds a passing customer of a product they looked at on the webshop, but didn’t buy. Or you can think of demonstrations in the store in wich your employees show the product and give out vouchers that can be spend in the webshop. And the list goes on and on with options you can offer your customers when you have a showroom.

Essential ingredient for a perfect mix

The perfect mix of online and offline requiers that all the data about customers, products, prices and stocks are collected in one central place, and that you can analyse this data in real time. So you can anticipate and be flexible with and on the needs of your customers. A well structured datadriven marketing automation environment can give you all this information.

If you started from a physical store or from a webshop, the time to take a futureproof route in wich online and offline are both equally important is now. Want to exchange thoughts on the possibilities of an omnichannel approach? You can reach me at +31 622 823 677

Cees Franke | CEO

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Organizations want to increase their marketing effectiveness through 1:1 marketing. Their data however, is buried in multiple off and online silo’s and they cant find a time and cost affordable method of generating actionable data.

MI8 Marketing has an easy to implement, affordable way of combining, analyzing and enhancing multiple online and offline datasets to drive 1:1 marketing.

The MI8 Marketing Cloud is designed for the future and is prepared for the European Regulation General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. 

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