Using customerdata to build trust

The level of trust of Dutch consumers in the government, (social) media, NGO’s and business in general is at an all time low. Bad news for the SMEs? No. SMEs just have to work harder to convince their customers of their reliability. The organisations that do so distinguish themselves in a positive way from the masses. In this blogpost you’ll read how using your customerdata right will help you in the building and keeping of customertrust.


Selling starts, even in this time of growing digitalisation, with trust. Using customerdata the right way is essential here. The lack of faith that consumers show in institutions and platforms can be traced back to the fast technological developments of the last decade and thus occurring datachaos. Consumers don’t know what happens with the data they share, but are confronted on a daily basis with warnings by privacyguards about the trade in data to tird parties. They even see their own spambox fill up with phisingmails and unwanted adverticing after visiting certain sites or after subscribing to a newsletter.

Only use customerdata for the optimal customer experience.

If you want to reassure your customers and can truthfully say that nothing will happen to their data if they didn’t choose it, you’ll first have to make sure that you’re not dependend on external companies to collect this data. Always collect data through your own channels and software. And choose a platform in which the data that you collect always stays in your control. If you ever choose to no longer use one of these platforms, then it has to be easy to disconnect the platform in a way that makes sure that the data stay intact and in your control.

The moment you have got all your customersdata in your control it’s important to be carefull with the collected data. Wich means that you can never ever sell the data to others – wich is obvious – and that you defend your servers as good as possibe against hackers. But it also means that you’ll only use the data your customers gave to you to make the optimal customerexperience with your company.

Build on lasting trust: say no to the temptations of an easy profit. 

This is where it might get tricky for a lot of SMEs. Because the temptation to only focus on sales goals and easy profits can be big. Resulting in a customer that gets bombared with additional offers after their first purchace. Don’t give in to that temptation, because a strategy like that can lead to a downfall in trust. Rather use a real customer central approach in which you use the collected customerdata as a base for more personalised content. Everytime a customers notes that you only offer him what he really needs at that point in time his trust in your company will grown. This is the only way you can build a lasting relationship.

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Cees Franke | CEO

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Organizations want to increase their marketing effectiveness through 1:1 marketing. Their data however, is buried in multiple off and online silo’s and they cant find a time and cost affordable method of generating actionable data.

MI8 Marketing has an easy to implement, affordable way of combining, analyzing and enhancing multiple online and offline datasets to drive 1:1 marketing.

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