Your customer in sight: precisionmarketing with Mi8.

The Mi8 Marketing Cloud solves four problems at once. In a four part blog series we’ll dive deeper in each of these four problems. This is the second episode: how Mi8 will give you back the time you used to spend at audience segmentation, analysing data and marketing. 

Tens of thousands of euro’s you’ve invested. The marketing department assured you that this campaign won’t fail. The department had carefully made a segmentation of the target group based on extensive market research, filled in with information about visitors numbers, populair search engine queries and other relevant data the last campaign gave you. A lot of time has gone in the choosing of the campaigncontent for your target groups and in the choice of right channels on which to spread the content.

And even after all that the sales departement is not recieving any extra calls from interested leads than normal. The socialmedia content didn’t go viral as plannend. And even tough visitor numbers are rising on the website, the promised dubbeling in visitors didn’t happen. Moreover it isn’t even clear if the results came from this campaign, because the sales department started their campaign in which they reached out to existing costumers with up- and cross-selling.

Shooting with hail
What went wrong? There isn’t a simple answer to this question. But it’s certain that your campaign didn’t reach the right people at the right time via the right channel. Annoying since a lot of time and money went in to this campaign. Time and money you won’t be able to put in a campaign that will give you the right results. The only thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and get on with fine tuning the next campaign.

Your organisation is not the only place this is happening. In the SME marketing is a matter of research and analysing, to then via trial and error come to a campaign that gets to the right people in the right target group. How many and who those people are is difficult to find out. It’s almost like you’re shooting with hail and hoping to hit something. It’s a shame, because it can be so much more simple and effective.

Datadriven marketing automation gives you certainty
When you’ve got your customer in sight you’ll be sharp shooting instead of hunting with hail. And that is exactly what the Mi8 Marketing Cloud does for you: give you a clear image of your customer. Because the Mi8 offers you a open software enviroment which fits seamlessly in your current ICT-enviroment, no specific technical knowledge is needed. Your employees can keep working with the data from their current software. But they’ll also get acces to extra data from software that other departments are using. Because of this you can work on your customer relations and effective marketing throughout your company and without any extra work. 

After the implementation of the Mi8 Marketing Cloud your organisation can start working with datadriven marketing automation within four hours. Bases on the insights the Mi8 gives you, you can start with your targeted marketingcampaigns that will be profitable. Because you can see at a glance which of your campaigns and channels are working and which aren’t, you’ll start saving money on your marketingbudget. You won’t have to invest in things that might work, but you’ll start investing while you have an insight in reliable data that shows you what is and what isn’t profitable. 

Your marketingdepartment can start focus on creating campaigns that sell, in stead of losing time on manual audience segmentation and data analysis. 

Next week you’ll read how the Mi8 will eliminate expensive custom work.

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Cees Franke | CEO

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Organizations want to increase their marketing effectiveness through 1:1 marketing. Their data however, is buried in multiple off and online silo’s and they cant find a time and cost affordable method of generating actionable data.

MI8 Marketing has an easy to implement, affordable way of combining, analyzing and enhancing multiple online and offline datasets to drive 1:1 marketing.

The MI8 Marketing Cloud is designed for the future and is prepared for the European Regulation General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. 

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