Dutch startup zMerce on The Next Web Conference 2015

2015 Amsterdam, during The Next Web 2015, startup zMerce is present with a demo of the Mi8 Marketing Intelligence Platform. zMerce has been selected for BOOST ("The most promising startups are coming together to amaze, impress and show the world what they've been working on"). Mi8 Intelligence and the Marketing Automation Platform arose from dissatisfaction with the expensive marketing cloud systems of the major players on the market. By using Mi8 of zMerce companies develop to data-driven organizations that maintain the competitive edge and/or even increase their edge.

2015-def-zMerce MI8-logo-versie 2-juni-2015-diap-300.png

The Mi8 Marketing Cloud platform makes it possible for marketers to listen to their customers needs and enables real one-to-one marketing communication.

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