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Great review on Tech Warriorz by Rick Dawson.

"As you all could imagine, I get A TON of emails from different marketing automation tools (as it is a flooded market), and most of the time I shy away from talking about them, due to the fact that most of the time, all they are offering is a way to spam people, and as a Growth Hacker (who has unproudly experimented with mass emails) I can attest to the fact that it is quickly becoming a dying form of marketing, as humans tend to not click on subject links to emails (that look suspect), even when they do click on it and realize that it is spam, none of them bother to read the first letter. HOWEVER…

Netherlands based Mi8 (powered by Cees Franke’s zMerce) is a tool that definitely caught my attention based on the fact that it is going ten steps beyond simply sending an email. Mi8 automated system studies in-depth patterns and helps its users send out marketing materials that are actually going to be seen and engaged by their potential customers." Read it here:

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The Mi8 Marketing Cloud platform makes it possible for marketers to listen to their customers needs and enables real one-to-one marketing communication.

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